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Warp knit faux fox fur

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Warp knit mink fur:

with long pile length 50-70mm,  natural fox fur looking and touch,  fluffy pile and good warm-keeping ,  beautiful colors,

the long pile faux fox fur from Eastsun textiles are welcome and hot sale in international market...

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before we always used weft knit technique to make long pile fox fur, but the hair always easily came off from the pile,

so 3 years ago,  we developed out good quality warp knit fox fur with long pile, now the pile fiber are very firm , not came off anymore...

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the pile length of our warp knit fox fur can be made into 30mm, 40m, 50m, 60mm , 70mm

we can make the weight from 900grams/meter, 1000grams/meter, 1200grams/meter , 1500grams/meter and 2000grams/meter.

width range from 160cm, 170cm and 180cm.

solid color, tip dyeing color, tip discharged + tip dyeing color are very popular and hot sale all over the world...


with its good garments use function, our warp knit fox fur can be used for fake fur coats, fake fur collars , fake fur hats , fake fur scarf...

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