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long pile natural mongolian fur scarf

Short Description:

  • Product model: long pile natural mongolian fur scarf
  • Use: fur scarf
  • Transport packaging: poly bag+ carton
  • Country of origin: China
  • FOB price: negotiable
  • Port : Shanghai
  • Payment method: T/T
  • Product Detail

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    a. the natural long pile mongolian fur we used for our  long pile natural mongolian fur scarf is produced in Ningxia, China, it is famous for its long pile curly hair with length fm: 9cm to 13cm this long pile natural mongolian fur is  stylish and beautiful,  very soft and comfortable with good thermal insulation performance can be mainly used for fur scarf and fur garments which is very popular In Europe and the USA

    gr (7) gr (10) gr (9) gr (8)

    gr (14) gr (13) gr (12) gr (11)

    b. we can dye into many attractive cols on our long pile natural mongolian fur, like natural white, deep black, classical camel,  and tip dying pink and other bright cols, also we can make it with some multi-cols to get our long pile natural mongolian fur scarf with more attractive cols and choices…

    gr (15) gr (22) gr (21) gr (20)

    gr (19) gr (18) gr (17) gr (16)

    c.  we had made many orders of this  long pile natural mongolian fur scarf for 5 years  for one England Customer wtih fashionable brand, it is hot sale and welcome in Europe countries.

    gr (23) gr (6) gr (5) gr (4)

    gr (3) gr (2) gr (1) gr (30)

    gr (29) gr (28) gr (27) gr (26)

    gr (25) gr (24)

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