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2 x 40 foot high containers had been loaded in our faux fur factory today

it is wellknown that the sea freight keep on rising everyweek since our production peak season…

Fortunely , among our faux fur orders we confirmed with cutomers, they are 95% with FOB price.

so we didnot have much pressure due to increasing sea freight…

but our customers faced the problems of higher and higher buying cost due to the higher and higher sea-freight…

even under such difficult situation, our powerful customers who are strong in their market still keep on placing aritificial fur orders with us every month…

so after 25-30days’  production,  recently , almost everyday, we always loaded at least one container and shipped out goods to them continuely…

 long pile faux foxfaux fox furlong pile faux fox fur (10) long pile faux fox fur (2) 

today , in the morning, 2 x 40″ high foot containers reached our faux fur factory for loading:

1st container is from one of  our India customer who ordered with us:

a.  5mm faux Boa fur / cut loop faux fur :with 100% polyester, 5mm pile length,  500grams/meter weight, 150cm width, total quantity 8000meters with 6 colors

b. 110mm long pile faux fur:  with  110mm pile length,  650grams/meter weight, 150cm width, total quantity 4000meters with 3 colors.

long pile faux sheep fur (1)faux fox fur

2nd container is from one of our Pakistan customer, his goods are :

faux sherpa fur with  10mm pile length,  450grams/meter weight, 150cm width, total quantity 13500meters with several colors

faux sherpa fur faux sherpa fur

after 3 hours’ loading, we put all the ordering goods into the containers and plan to catch up the vessel with departure date on Sep 13, 2021.

faux fox fur faux fox fur

Post time: Sep-14-2021