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  • The second wave of COVID-19 led to 12 counties’ blockade in Europe

    because of the 2nd impact of Covid-19, most of our Europe customers who bought our faux fur /fake fur/ artificial fur/ long pile racccoon fur/ warp knit rabbit fur / EF veloa from our  faux fur factory are now all stopped their work in their factory… at the end of Oct, 2020, one of our ...
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  • How to make good quality warp knit rabbit fur ?

    How to make good quality warp knit rabbit fur ?

    it had been at least 8 years that we developed out our warp knit rabbit fur/tricot rabbit fur with different pile height and weight… becuase of its good quality with cost-effective, warm-keep and natural rabbit fur handfeel,  now they are hot sale and welcome all over the world. our warp kn...
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  • new order for 1set of polishing machine and 7 tons of spandex velvet 

    new order for 1set of polishing machine and 7 tons of spandex velvet 

    recently we had a good chance from one of our customer from Serbia  this customer we met in 2017 textile fair in France , who opened a middle knitting and dying factory with 100 workers,  they knitted some simple fleece fabric and made dying then distribute to some Europe countries, on the fair, ...
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  • the request of China domestic textiles market going up after China national holiday…

    In 2020, the world is suffering from the raging and torment of COVID-19.  Up to now, 40 million people worldwide have been infected with COVID-19, and the global economy has experienced the biggest depression and recession in history. International trade is also affected by COVID-19.  From Marc...
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  • Our Sherpa Fur and Sherpa fleece are hot sale in 2020

    Our Sherpa Fur and Sherpa fleece are hot sale in 2020

    Becaused of Covid-19, the world ecnormic going down in the year 2020, before many customers buy big quantity of luxry long pile faux raccoon fur ,  high pile artificial fox fur with high weight, high quality and high price. but in the year 2020, the most hot sale faux fur fabric is the 100% pol...
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  • In September , our India customers place orders with us for 5x 40 foot high container of our faux fur fabric

    everyday we saw from TV that  India suffered too much because of corona Virus,  till now, there are already 5.9 million people infected COVID-19,  one of our old customer from India infected and dyed in June, it is really a bad news for us… our other India customers informed me that beca...
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  • 5900m faux sherpa fur made for world famous brand Harley Davidson

    5900m faux sherpa fur made for world famous brand Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson motorcycle, as a world-famous locomotive brand, was founded in 1903. In addition to the motorcycle business, Harley Davidson also developed a variety of motorcycle riding wear, leisure wear series fm year 1914. After more than a century of development, now Harley Davidson  had bec...
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  • The evolution of fur Industry and the development of Eastsun textiles 

    The evolution of fur Industry and the development of Eastsun textiles 

    The evolution of everything is always accompanied by the development of human civilization, even fur is no exception. Thousands of years ago, human society was in a primitive society, living a life of raw blood, hungry to hunt and eat meat, cold to use hunting animals, after stripping off the Fur...
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  • Eastsun textiles start resumption of work and production after epidemic of COVID-19

    Eastsun textiles start resumption of work and production after epidemic of COVID-19

    The city of Wuhan, China, has been closed since January 23,2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 and its spread in China. In order to combat the epidemic, all China cities have begun a long period of lockdown at the call and request of the Chinese government, January 23-30,2020, is the Chinese L...
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  • China best fur factory attending 2019 Poland fast textile fair

    China best fur factory attending 2019 Poland fast textile fair

    Time: Nov 20-22, 2019. Location: PATK Warsaw Expo. Event:  2019 fast textile fair, Warsaw,Poland. Being the best fur factory fm: China, Eastsun textiles always try their best to share our faux fur / suede bonding fur / fleece fabrics to the customers all over the world. at the time when we recei...
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  • British Queen’s private clothing artificial fur

    British Queen’s private clothing artificial fur

    With the economic recovery in Europe, people began to pursue luxury life, which is reflected in the growing demand for fur clothing. Since George W. Borg invented artificial fur, artificial fur can be divided into knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur and artificial roll fur according to d...
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