faux fur/ suede bonded /fleece
    manufacturer for 20years

5900m faux sherpa fur made for world famous brand Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycle, as a world-famous locomotive brand, was founded in 1903.

In addition to the motorcycle business, Harley Davidson also developed a variety of motorcycle riding wear, leisure wear series fm year 1914.

After more than a century of development, now Harley Davidson  had become a symbol of passion, freedom, courage and personality.

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In the autumn of 2019, a clothing company specializing in manufacturing various woven coats came to us.

They are looking for a high-quality faux sherpa fur fabric for the inner lining of Harley Davidson’s Autumn / Winter 2020 clothing,

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After the actual investigation of our artificial fur factory, they decided to cooperate with us.

First of all, they selected several quality samples of our faux sherpa fur with different pile height and weight to show Halley company for confirmation,

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Then we sent us a lot of different colors of faux sherpa fur , including classic black, camel, beige, etc

and give us instructions to make 20-30 meters of each color which will be used for sample production and promotion.according to the requirements of Harley company,

In the spring of 2020, after covid-19,

the clothing company received a clothing order from Harley Davidson, and at the same time, it gave us the order of our faux sherpa fur used to make Halley’s inner garment.

The color of this faux sherpa fur order is beige, with 10mm pile height, 340gsm, 155cm width , 100% polyester, the total quantity is 5900 meters.

After 18-20 days of intensive production, purchasing fiber raw materials, dyeing, carding, weaving, shearing, rolling, shaping, inspection and packaging, etc,
We completed the order of this faux sherpa fur order with high quality and high efficiency,Before delivery, we provided a roll of 40m sample to the customer for various tests. One week later, we received the customer’s confirmation,

The color fastness, dimensional stability, washing shrinkage in warp and weft direction and tear resistance of fabric of our sherpa fur  goods have reached Halley’s standard

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then we timely in accordance with the customer’s instructions, send this batch of our faux fur fabric to the two clothing factories designated by the customer.

At present, this batch of Harley Davidson’s winter clothing orders have been successfully shipped, and the excellent quality of our faux fur sherpa fur is highly appreciated by Harley company.

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This is the first indirect cooperation between us and Harley Davidson. As professional artificial fur manufacturer for 22 years, we are proud to cooperate with Harley Davidson, a high-quality and world famous brand. Through their brand clothing, we can bring the high

quality, warm and fashionable of our artificial fur fabric to global consumers, We believe that through this good start, we will establish a long-term relationship with Harley Davidson

Post time: Aug-06-2020