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British Queen’s private clothing artificial fur

With the economic recovery in Europe, people began to pursue luxury life, which is reflected in the growing demand for fur clothing. Since George W. Borg invented artificial fur, artificial fur can be divided into knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur and artificial roll fur according to different production methods. From the perspective of application methods, it can be divided into three categories: Compound plush, long plush and short plush, which makes fur producers, garment manufacturers and consumers see the importance of innovation

Artificial fur clothing has four significant characteristics: good warmth retention, high simulation, low price and easy processing. The artificial fur has the appearance effect of animal fur, and the material surface is wide and wide, which is convenient for dyeing and sewing. It is an economic and practical clothing material in autumn and winter

Artificial fur clothing can not only imitate fur material to show noble and luxurious clothing style, but also show different styles such as leisure, fashion and personality. Because the price is relatively cheap, the style is changeable and the color is rich, it meets the needs of most consumers for fur clothing. At the same time, it attracts the favor of the queen of England.


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The queen wore a brown fur coat in 2015 and 1963


Queen Queen’s senior costumer Angela Kelly mentioned in her new book, “The Other Side of the Coin: Queen, Dresser and Wardrobe”: “From 2019, if the Queen is to attend the event ceremony in particularly cold weather, she will be wearing artificial Fur is used to protect against the cold. “

The queen wore a believed White Faux Fur coat at the opening of Parliament in 2009

In view of everyone’s fondness for artificial fur clothing and innovation in styles, colors and so on, which is in line with everyone’s pursuit, Nanjing Eastsun Textile Co. , Ltd. has hired high-paid senior designers at home and abroad and strictly controls fabric control After everyone’s efforts to design and modern packaging technology, fur has long changed its own style, into more fashion elements.

This fusion is not only the collision of clothing, but also the blending of eastern and Western cultures. A variety of materials combined with the use of traditional technology, in the visual will form a strong impact.

At the same time, Nanjing Eastsun Textile Co., Ltd. launched the same artificial fur fabric of the queen of England


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