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China best fur factory attending 2019 Poland fast textile fair

Time: Nov 20-22, 2019.

Location: PATK Warsaw Expo.

Event:  2019 fast textile fair, Warsaw,Poland.


Being the best fur factory fm: China, Eastsun textiles always try their best to share our faux fur / suede bonding fur / fleece fabrics to the customers all over the world.

at the time when we received the notification fm our managers to attend 2019 Poland fast textile fair, we are very excited and started the training of:

1.Professional acknowledge fm spinning, knitting, dying, finishing, packing ,inspection for artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics.
2.The design idea of artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics.
3.The trend of artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics.
4.The use and care of artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics.
5.Oral English for good communication with customers we will meet on the fair.
6.Meanwhile we start to prepare the new quality and new designs samples of our artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur)  for the fair

a. long pile faux raccoon fur, long pile faux fox fur, long pile faux dog fur, long pile faux sheep fur can be used for garments.

b. all kinds of suede bonded fur fabrics can be used for garments , boots and fur rugs.

b. faux mink fur, faux rabbit fur, faux sherpa fur which can be used for garments.

c. micro fiber polyboa, micro fiber velboa, micro fiber flannel fleece, micro fiber flannel coral fleece with advanced finishing like:

burn out technique, new printing, embossing which can be used for toys and blankets..

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on the fair, we met many good customers fm: Poland, Italy, Finland…

1. some famous local wholesaler for artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics and fleece fabrics , they are satisfied with our high quality.

after negotiation, they are willing to be our authorised distributor in their markets.

2. some garments and toys manufacturer who are interested in our artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics, micro fiber velboa, toy fur fabric and suede bonding fur fabrics.


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After enough preparation for all the aspects, fm: Nov 20-22, 2019, we flied to Warsaw and attended the fair with Our sales team.

on the fair, some customers already made contract of 1 or 2 containers of our faux fur fabrics and suede bonded fur fabrics.


Also some customers booked some samples yardages of our suede bonded faux fur fabrics,


After fair, we had started to contact customers we met on the fair to

Start order production/ Confirm new orders/ Send new samples/ offer quotation…

we believed in new year 2020, we can have good quantity orders for our

artificial fur ( faux fur/ fake fur) fabrics / suede bonded fur fabric/ fleece fabric fm the customers we met in 2019 Poland fast textile fair !

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Post time: Mar-30-2020