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China goverment had started to issue the policy for electricity limit from Sep 22, 2021

From Sep 22, 2021, China goverment had started to issue the policy for electricity limit to save energy…

Five major provinces, including Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong, have implemented power rationing,

production suspension or production reduction measures,

and each province has power cuts one to two days a week according to government instructions.

faux fur          faux fur

our faux fur factory located in Jiangsu Province, we also suffered from this policy,

so in one weeek, there are 2 days we must follow this policy of electricity limit which heavily impact our production capacity.

as it is a emergency , so for our following faux fur orders which customers pushed the production and shipment urgently…

1.  20000meters faux raccoon fur order  from our Pakistan customer with 1000grams/meter weight, 55mm pile length, 160cm width.

2.  35000meters warp knit fur / Polyboa/ Pv Plush with 40mm pile length, 350grams/meter weight, 220cm width.

3.  50000meters faux sherpa fur order with 500grams/meter weight,13mm pile length, 150cm width.

4.  39000meters long pile faux dog fur with tip dyeing , 750grams/meter, 65mm pile length, 160cm width.

5.  5000pcs of synthetic suede leather jackets and faux fur coats

faux raccoon fur warp knit fur  Polyboa Pv Plush faux sherpa fur long pile faux dog fur synthetic suede leather jackets faux fur coats

we have to inform customers this new policy and asked them to wait some more days for the production and shipment…

meanwhile we activate all the knitting and weaving equipment and dyeing equipment in our artificial fur factory to increase the output during normal power supply.

artificial fur artificial fur

by this way, before China national holiday, from Sep 22 to Sep 30, 2021, we had finished the production and loaded 8 containers of our faux fur order on hand,

now the vessle had departed the Shanghai port and will reach customers’ port on time…

artificial fur artificial fur

in the future,  the electricity limit maybe become a Normalize situation, but we are confident we can find way out to settle this problem by our hard work

with high efficiency…

Post time: Oct-11-2021