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Eastsun textiles start resumption of work and production after epidemic of COVID-19

The city of Wuhan, China, has been closed since January 23,2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 and its spread in China.

In order to combat the epidemic, all China cities have begun a long period of lockdown at the call and request of the Chinese government,

January 23-30,2020, is the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in normal time, but because of the COVID-19, the Spring Festival holiday had to be extended,

Before the Spring Festival holiday, we, Nanjing EastsunTextile Co. , Ltd  still have a lot of faux fur goods did not have time to ship out, such as:

1. 100% polyester Sherpa fur with 300gsm, 8-10mm pile height, 150cm width

arcylic snow top Fur with 420gsm, 15-16mm pile height,150cm width.

100% polyester Sherpa Fleece with 260gsm, 8-10mm pile height,150cm width,

above Faux fur order for garment collar and linning  from a Pakistan customer.

2.  100% polyester 5mm cut loop Boa fur with many colorful cols

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110 mm long pile fake fur plush fabric

rty (5) rty (6) rty (7)

above artificial fur order for stuffed toys fm  Indian client.

3.  100% polyester micro fiber Suede fabric with 160gsm, 150cm width,

rty (8) rty (9)

Printing suede fabric with160gsm, 150cm width,

rty (10) rty (11) rty (12)

Animal design Jacqurad Faux Fur with 260gsm, 15-16mm pile height, 150cm width,

rty (13) rty (14) rty (15)

rty (16) rty (17) rty (18)

above suede fabric can artificial fur order for party costumes fm  UK customer.

There are also some fur fabric orders for our synthetic faux  fur fabric from our other customers.

During China new year holiday and the extend time,  Many of our customers in UK, Poland, Italy, France, the United States, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, India and Pakistan contacted us after they learned about the situation of COVID-19 in China on TV and on the Internet, on the one hand, they are concerned about our health and the progress of the epidemic in China. On the other hand, they are concerned about their orders, their goods and shipments.

We reply to our customers that we are in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese government, even though we are closed at home every day, can not go out, but effectively cut off the way the epidemic spread, we firmly believe that China will soon return to normal life, and then we will start the production and shipment for their orders as soon as possible,  our motherland is now very strong enough to overcome the epidemic within the shortest time, we asked customers donot to worry.

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rty (23) rty (22)

With the deepening of the lockdown, under the wise leadership of the Chinese government, the new coronavirus epidemic in China has been effectively brought under control.

After 48 days of blockade, on March 10,2020, all the staff of Nanjing EastsunTextile Co. , Ltd come back to our fur factory, returned to their jobs and started to resume production.

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After returning to work and production, in order to ensure the quality and production efficiency of our faux fur goods, we have strengthened the quality control of the various links of the synthetic fur fabric, from Yarn dyeing-and fiber-combing-knitting-shearing-ironing-setting, etc. , strict control of quality, increased the use of some artificial fur knitting equipment, in order to increase production, before shipment, we sent the shipment samples to each customer for confirmation, after that, immediately arrange with our international shipment forwarders to book the scheduled container then loading and shipping!

Up to now, all the goods of the backlog of orders for our faux  fur fabrics before the Spring Festival have been shipped smoothly, and the customers have received the artificial fur goods that we have rushed out with high quality and quantity, customers praised our quick response after the outbreak and the excellent quality of our fake fur fabric, now many customers in preparation for the follow-up orders and began to sign the purchase contract with us.

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