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Eastsun textiles , the China best faux fur factory come back for work on Feb 22, 2021

from Feb 8 to Feb 22, 2021, after 15days’ long time vacation of China new year holiday, Eastsun textiles,

the China best faux fur factory come back for work on Feb 22, 2021…

as we know, before China spring festival,  we had tried our best to finish many urgent faux fur orders and ship out to customer who need goods urgently,

even that, we still have some orders have to be produced after China new year holiday…

also during the China new year holiday,  some old customers keep on placing orders with us so that we can produce for them just after holiday…

almost everyday we recieved faux fur order/ suede bonded faux fur orders/ warp knit rabbit fur orders / soft crystal velboa orders from our old customers,  such as :


1. 11000meters middle quality fox fur from our old Pakistan customer with 55mm pile length, 550gsm, 160cm width.

2.  10000meters black and dark grey col soft crystal velboa order from our Italy customer with 2-3mm pile length, 210gsm, 155cm width.