faux fur/ suede bonded /fleece
    manufacturer for 20years

In September , our India customers place orders with us for 5x 40 foot high container of our faux fur fabric

everyday we saw from TV that  India suffered too much because of corona Virus,  till now, there are already 5.9 million people infected COVID-19, 
one of our old customer from India infected and dyed in June, it is really a bad news for us…

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our other India customers informed me that because of COVID-19, every week they only come to office and opened their warehouse for 2 days ,each time around 2-3 hours, 
the situation is really very bad here…

also because of the conflict at the border of India and China, India goverment had issued many policy to limit the import goods from China.. news4 news5

under such bad situation,  several of our India customers still fight for our future business and place orders with us continuely, at the beginning of September, we got 5 x 40″ HQ  orders 
from them for our long pile faux fox fur, high pile fake raccoon fur, warp knit / tricot rabbit fur,  long pile artificial sheep fur,  5mm Boa fur ,
also we had recieved USD12000/ USD50000 from them as deposit.   last week we had shipped our 1×40″ Container to them, for the balance 4×40″ HQ, we are rushing the prouduction now and  we will make shipment to them for the balance 4 x 40″ HQ around the end of September, 2020…





When we chatting with our India customers for our future business of our faux fur/ fake fur/ artificial fur/ synthetic fur/ suede bonded fur/ EF velboa/ knitted polyester fleece/ sherpa fur / sherpa fleece fabric,they all told us they are confident with our long time cooperation, also they believed that the present tight relationship between China and India will become better soon and the friendship and business between China and India will also be much more after that…

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Post time: Sep-23-2020