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The evolution of fur Industry and the development of Eastsun textiles 

The evolution of everything is always accompanied by the development of human civilization, even fur is no exception.

Thousands of years ago, human society was in a primitive society, living a life of raw blood, hungry to hunt and eat meat, cold to use hunting animals, after stripping off the Fur, make fur clothes to keep out the cold, at this time the natural fur is still in the stage of basic human needs.

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Later, people made elegant and high-grade fur clothes from the natural animal fur obtained from hunting through various processing, so that the fur was no longer a simple material to cover up the shame and keep out the cold.

After years of development, formed a systematic fur production and processing industry, fur from the beginning of the material against the cold, gradually evolved into the palace aristocracy, as well as the rich high-end clothing materials. At this time, fur has gradually evolved into fashion, noble, synonymous with identity.

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In modern times, along with the three great industrial revolutions, the substitution of machine-made products for hand-made products has become a kind of trend and trend, meanwhile, with the rise of environmental and animal protection, people’s pursuit of fur has evolved into a kind of love and responsibility, so in Europe’s capital of fashion, Italy, France, Germany, gradually emerged with chemical fiber raw materials combed and spun into yarn, and then woven and knitted through machinery and equipment, and through a certain post-processing, brush, shearing, printing, polishing, shaping, the development of the most primitive artificial fur.

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Faux fur is a plush fabric that looks like natural animal fur.

pile side are divided into two layers, the outer layer is bright thick straight bristles, the inner layer is fine and soft short pile.

back side is made as as base to support the pile standing…


artificial fur commonly used fur coat, clothing lining, fur hat, fur collar, plush toys, fur rugs and mattresses, indoor decorations and fur carpets.

Weaving method:

There are knitting weft knitting, warp knitting and weaving, at present, knitting weft knitting method is the fastest development, the most widely used.

Weaving equipment:

WEFT knitting equipment, warp knitting equipment, shuttle weaving equipment.

Use of raw materials:

Polyester, acrylic, modified acrylic, wool and so on.

In China, before the reform and opening up, the artificial fur industry mainly concentrated in South Korea, the United States, Italy, France, Germany and other textile powers. In the early 1980s, a number of outstanding Korean artificial fur enterprises began to invest in China’s coastal factories, mainly concentrated in Shandong.

In the early 1990s, private entrepreneurs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang set foot in the artificial fur industry. At present, China has become the largest production base of artificial fur in the world.

Since 2000, Nanjing Eastsun Textile Co. , Ltd. has set up its own faux artificial fur factory.

Till 2020, It has a history of 20 years. In the past 20 years, we have been developing  many new-type artificial fur fabrics and products.

After 20 years’efforts, we now have

1. A 100-acre faux-fur factory.

2. 36 weft knitting machines and 18 Warp knitting machines with production capacity : 20000meters /day.

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3. There are more than 1000 kinds of artificial fur products, including the following products:

a. all kinds of shepar fur fabrics with solid col sherpa fur , printing sherpa fur and jacquard sherpa fur.

b. all kinds of long pile fur, like faux raccoon fur, man-made fox fur, artificial wolf and dog fur, synthetic mink fur and other new design of plush fabric.

c. all kinds of warp knitted rabbit fur, imitation sheep fur, imitation cat feel fur.

d. all kinds of suede bonded faux fur…

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After 20 years of development and promotion, our artificial fur products are exported to all continents around the world, enjoy a high reputation in the international market, each continent has our quality customers, and we also have a good cooperation with some internationally known brands, such as: COACH, Paramount Pictures, Levis, Lee, Harley Davidson, Uniqlo, Muji, Zara, C & A…

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We firmly believe that our artificial fur products with excellent quality, competitive prices, fast and efficient production delivery, excellent development capacity, good after-sales service, can attract more and more high-quality customers, and to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation with them!

Post time: Jul-23-2020