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The second wave of COVID-19 led to 12 counties’ blockade in Europe

because of the 2nd impact of Covid-19, most of our Europe customers who bought our faux fur /fake fur/ artificial fur/ long pile racccoon fur/ warp knit rabbit fur / EF veloa from our 

faux fur factory are now all stopped their work in their factory…


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at the end of Oct, 2020, one of our Italy customer just ordered with us 20000meters warp knit super soft crystal velboa with several cols, with 210gsm/ 160cm width/ 2.5mm pile height, 

but last week the situation in Europe changed so much…

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There are three zones here in Italy now, Green, orange and red. 

this Italy customer  is currently still in the green zone so they can move freely. 

but the people in the red zone cannot leave their area and no other person can enter in this zone.

All bars, restaurants, swimming pools and fitness studios are more or less closed or are only open for a few hours depending on the zone.

From today on people are not allowed to leave the house after 10pm until 5am.


in UK, one of our customer still keep on placing repeat orders with us for faux fur coats/ suede leather jackets

means even under the such heavy COVID-19, the girls still like beautiful jackets very much…


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but another customer in UK who bought faux fur fabrics/ suede fabrics from us closed her factory and buy enough foods and everyday life goods , just staying at home and waiting for 

the better time…

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in Poland, customer still told us donot lose hope, at least the shipping company still worked, cutom clearance agent still worked, they can rcv our long pile fox fur and raccoon fur  fabrics  smoothly…