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Our Sherpa Fur and Sherpa fleece are hot sale in 2020

Becaused of Covid-19, the world ecnormic going down in the year 2020, before many customers buy big quantity of luxry long pile faux raccoon fur

high pile artificial fox fur with high weight, high quality and high price.

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but in the year 2020, the most hot sale faux fur fabric is the 100% polyester sherpa fur and sherpa fleece.

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for our normal quality of 100% sherpa fur with 300gsm, 150cm width, 10mm pile length,  in 2020, till now, we had shipped out at least 30x 40″ HQ to international market, 

to Italy, UK, Egypt, India and Pakistan and many other countries,  because our stable and good quality, elegant pile grain,  warm-keep function with attative cols and cost-effective, 

many customers keep on placing orders with us continuely…

faux Sherpa fur a_5 

our faux sherpa fur can be mainly used for garments collar, garments lining, hometextiles and toys… 

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also for  our 100% sherpa fleece/ Shu velvet,  the hot sale items are always with 260gsm weight, 155cm width, 8mm pile length with tiny pile grain and super-soft handfeel which 

can be always used for casual and sportswear, garment lining, as the weight is lighter and handfeel is much more soft,  our sherpa fleece/Shu velvet are hot sale and welcome 

in international market… 

a_12 a_10

last week, we just rcvd another orders with total 3×40″HQ for our faux sherpa fur fabric and sherpa fleece fabric with different cols, including off-white col, black col, beige col, camel col, 

also check printing sherpa fleece and camoflag print sherpa fleece/ Shu velvet…

a_6 a_7Shu Velveteensherpa fleece a_8

now we are on hot production of this order of sherpa fur and sherpa fleece and plan to ship out this 3 containers before the end of October, 2020.


Post time: Oct-13-2020